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Upgrading, or re-dressing of Natural Fibres greatly enhances the quality of the finished product.
This process is especially suited to Coco Fibres, but is equally suitable for any natural fibre, such as Palmyra and Arenga.
Our fibre dressing machines remove the dust and residue dyes which can cause break-downs and consequent filling machine down-time.
Short and thin fibres are also removed, leaving a clean, free-running product.

We can also add special softeners and lubricants if required, to further assist trouble free use, in even the fastest and most sophisticated high speed brush filling machines.
We have recently supplied test batches of upgraded fibres to customers, who have commented that they are amazed at the difference that upgrading makes.

Although the upgrading process adds a small extra cost onto the material, this will be more than offset by the long-term reduction in wear and tear, and consequently repairs and maintenance, as well as machine stoppage time.