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PET/PBT (Polyester)

Although more expensive than most synthetic filaments, Polyester possesses qualities that justify its higher cost.

It is extremely resilient and has probably the best recovery rate of all the synthetic fibres.

Due to its negligible water absorption rate, there is little noticeable loss of rigidity when wet.

It is ideal for technical brushes where low abrasion is important, and is also well suited to the manufacture of household brush ware, and also for paintbrushes.



Technical Specifications are as follows:

Specific gravity: 1.3gm per c.c.

Temperature tolerance: Will withstand boiling water, and up to 120 ° C for limited periods. Deformation occurs at around 140 ° C

It has good resistance to:
Acetone Chromic Acid
Ammonia Diesel
Benzene Glycerine
Petroleum Glycol



Mineral Oils Carbon Tetrachloride
Nitric Acid (Dilute) Sulphuric Acid (Dilute)
Hydrochloric Acid (Dilute) Phosphoric Acid (Dilute)
Benzine Turpentine
It is not recommended for use with:
Chloroform Ethyl Acetate



Concentrated Acids