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Tampico Fibre, or Mexican Fibre as it is more commonly known, is one of the most remarkable natural fibres.

It grows in only one region of northern Mexico in the form of a cactus of the species Agave Lecheguilla.

This cactus grows completely naturally, and cannot be cultivated. Therefore although it is farmed and harvested commercially, the rest must be left completely to nature.

It thrives in the hot, dry climate of the highlands of northern Mexico. Harvesting is done traditionally by hand, as is most of the processing. Only the final dressing takes place by machinery.

Examined under a microscope, the fibre has a series of tiny hooks or barbs, which gives the fibre a natural slightly abrasive quality. This makes the fibre the ideal choice for applications such as the manufacture of mops for metal polishing. This characteristic also enables the fibre to carry polishing compounds extremely well.

This is also true for other liquids. Tampico fibre is excellent for carrying and retaining water with minimal loss of rigidity, which makes it the ideal choice for the manufacture of nail brushes and body and bath brushes where a completely natural product is required.

It is also very suitable for the manufacture of distemper and masonry brushes.

The fibre is extremely strong and hardwearing, and is resistant to attack by many chemical solutions and solvents.

Being a natural fibre it has excellent anti-static properties, degrades completely naturally with no harm to the environment and is harvested from a completely renewable source.

It is available in its natural creamy colour, and it can be readily dyed in a variety of colours.