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PPN (Polypropylene)

Polypropylene is an excellent synthetic filament, which combines a low specific gravity with high temperature resistance and good resistance to acids.

It is manufactured in a wide range of colours and diameters and is highly suitable for technical brushes such as rollers and mechanical road sweepers, and also brush strips.

It is also suitable for the manufacture of household and toilet brushes, scrubbing and dishwashing brushes, brooms, nails brushes and certain types of paintbrush.

It is also ideal for use in mixtures with other synthetic fibres and, of course, natural fibres.

Technical specification is as follows:

Specific Gravity: 0.9gm per c.c.

Temperature tolerance: will withstand boiling water, deformation commences at about 120 ° C, permanent exposure up to 60 - 80 ° C

Water absorption: Negligible
It has good resistance to the following:
Acetone Formic Acid
Ammonia Aniline
Bleach Butanol
Chromic Acid Ethyl Acetate
Glycerine and Glycol Methanol
Mineral Oils Petroleum and Kerosene
Nitric Acid (Dilute) Hydrochloric Acid (Dilute)
Sulphuric Acid (Dilute)  
It is not recommended for exposure to:
Trichloroethylene Toluene
Tetrachloroethylene Benzine
Chloroform Diesel Fuel