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Palmyra Fibre, or Bassine as it is more commonly known, comes from the Palmyra Palm Borassus Flabelliformis, which is found in parts of Southern India.

The best material is to be found in Tuticorin, a region of southern India, which gives its name to this grade of Palmyra Fibre.

Other grades available are Cochin and Kakinada, which tend to be much coarser.

Palmyra Fibre is very strong and hardwearing, making it ideally suitable for semi-stiff sweeping brooms. It is also suited to the manufacture of scrub brushes. However, its properties can be markedly improved by the addition of a second material, either Mexican Tampico Fibre to produce a completely natural filling material, or PVC/PPN to create a semi-synthetic Union Mixture.

The addition of Tampico Fibre increases the liquid carrying properties of Palmyra Fibre quite dramatically.

Palmyra Fibre is very light in density, and is relatively low cost making it the perfect choice for low cost domestic brushware.

It is degrades completely naturally, with no harm to the environment, and is harvested from a renewable source, making it one of the "greenest" fibres available.

It has good resistance to friction and heat, and will withstand many chemicals and solvents.

We hold good stocks of all lengths of Palmyra Fibre in both Natural and Dyed grades. We can, of course, fully dress and lubricate the fibre for use in high speed filling machines, and mix the fibre with a wide range of other Natural and Synthetic Fibres to make it suitable for almost any application