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Bahia (Brazilian) Piassava
Bassine (Palmyra Fibres)
Coco Fibre (Cocos)
Gumati (Arenga) Fibre
Natural Hair
P.B.T. & P.E.T. (Polyester)
P.V.C. (Polyvinyl Chloride)
P.P.N. (Polypropylene)
Tampico (Mexican) Fibre
Sherbro (Bass) Piassava

Our speciality is our ability to mix together almost any combination of Natural and Synthetic fibres, to produce a brush filling material that will perform a given function.

For example, we can produce a mixture to produce brushes that will gently remove dust from a glazed or polished surface without damage.

At the other extreme we can produce a mixture for a brush that will be aggressive enough to strip the surface off concrete!

The choice is yours, and of course anything in between!

Each material, both Natural and Synthetic has its own inherent qualities, and by combining the qualities of each material we can produce a formula to meet the needs of the most exacting manufacturer.

From the most humble domestic brush to the most sophisticated technical brush, we can produce a custom blend of materials which will do exactly what you want it to.

We have a database of more than 400 different products which is constantly growing, so if we don't have a standard product which suits your particular application, we can custom produce one especially for you!